Organize or sponsor an ASIST workshop

Do you want to help caregivers in your community to feel more willing, ready, and able intervene with a person at risk of suicide? Nothing could be more helpful than organizing and sponsoring an ASIST workshop. 

What happens when you organize an ASIST workshop? We’ll help you get in touch with registered LivingWorks trainers in your area who will present the program. If there aren’t any nearby, many of the 6,000 ASIST trainers around the world are willing to travel for this purpose. People in your area or organization will be able to register for the workshop, and with your coordination and support, the trainers will empower them with suicide intervention skills. 

You can learn more about what’s involved by reading the comprehensive ASIST Organizer Guide, but here are some of the essentials:

  • The workshop must be held over two consecutive days (7 hours per day)
  • It must be conducted by at least two Registered Trainers
  • There should be 7 to 15 participants per trainer; 10 to 12 per trainer is ideal
  • More than 45 participants are best split into two separate workshops
  • One large room with audiovisual equipment, and at least one smaller room, are needed
  • Comfort considerations—such as refreshments and soft seats—are important

Organizers typically introduce trainers at the workshop and provide information on local support resources in case any participants are struggling with the material. Organizers also usually collect participant fees and oversee financial matters. The trainers will purchase workshop materials—including participant workbooks, wallet cards, and stickers—from LivingWorks, and will inform the organizer of these costs.

ASIST is a program that not only saves lives—it changes them. In addition to the benefits of suicide intervention, many participants have reported improved listening and collaboration skills in their jobs and relationships after attending the workshop. An ASIST session is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to your community or workplace, and organizers play an important role in making it happen.

To learn more about organizing or sponsoring a workshop, contact LivingWorks or download the ASIST Organizer Guide as a PDF. If you’ve decided to take the next step and organize a workshop, you can also access organizer tools on our Resources Page.