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ASIST 11 Workshop English - 2 Day

It's that time again! City Schools of Decatur and the Decatur Education Foundation are excited to announce our Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training series! Suicide thoughts happen in people of all ages, of all cultures, and so many people don't know what to do when they hear someone is having those thoughts. For a significantly discounted rate, participants will gain the life-saving skills needed to talk with a person with thoughts of suicide and help them find their hope.

ASIST is the ONLY suicide intervention training recognized by the World Health Organization as well as the US Military. It is research-based, evidence based, and CSD has designed our crisis response protocols to be ASIST-compliant. This training is designed for ALL helpers, whether formally trained or trained by life. CSD has been noticed by LivingWorks for our community health-approach to suicide prevention because we want not just therapists, but doctors, trash collectors, accountants, nail technicians... EVERYONE to have the skills to intervene when someone is having thoughts of suicide.

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Monday February 12th, 2024 - Tuesday February 13th, 2024
8:00am - 5:00pm
310 N McDonough St
Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia, USA
$125.00 Covers training, refreshments throughout the training, Lunch both days
Registration Deadline
Monday February 5th, 2024
Dr. Kimberly R. Jones

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