International Collaborative Committee

The International Collaborative Committee (ICC) provides an opportunity for organizations with a national focus that have entered into a partnership agreement for the distribution of LivingWorks Education programs in a specific region to gather and share ideas, concerns, opportunities, and challenges.

Members include countries and organizations that deliver LivingWorks programs through a network of trainers with an approved organizational infrastructure supporting trainer development and quality of training delivery. The ICC track provides many options for membership within a defined continuum of relationship with LivingWorks Education.

The options for partnership agreements begin with an organization that has a national focus and is approved to work nationally. The minimum requirement to begin on the ICC track is to have met an eligible volume target, expressed a desire to move to an ICC relationship, and indicated an interest in the eventual printing of program materials for their trainer network. Additional options include retaining community initiative funds on materials purchased from LivingWorks Education with the agreement to have regular meetings with trainers and developing the capacity to provide quality assurance support to their trainer network.

Benefits to organizations in an ICC agreement include:

  • Collaboration with many countries implementing suicide intervention training and national strategies,
  • Opportunities to share ideas for coordination and support of trainers,
  • Exclusive printing and distribution rights of LivingWorks Education programs,
  • A stronger voice with which to contribute to and influence policy development, and
  • A unified, integrated national plan with which to approach funders.

Benefits to individual trainers in an ICC agreement include: 

  • A centralized organization and administration which provides support,
  • Culturally appropriate materials at reduced pricing,
  • A nationally recognized presence,
  • A database maintained in one location,
  • Increased attractiveness to national funders, and
  • Many more opportunities for evaluation of the work at a national level.

In addition to the existing ICC members, a number of other countries and organizations are also moving along the continuum of ICC processes and structures. All organizations along this continuum are invited to participate in quarterly check-ins and in formal ICC Meetings for the purpose of mutual exchange and consultation, advice, feedback, and dialogue.


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Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP)

One of LivingWorks’ first partners, the Centre for Suicide Prevention provides community workshops and online courses throughout Alberta and also maintains the world’s largest English-language library of suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention resources. CSP is an affiliate of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and delivers Alberta-localized LivingWorks programs through a network of over 150 trainers.

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Choose Life—Scotland

Scotland’s national suicide prevention strategy, Choose Life, selected ASIST as its chosen training model in 2003. The workshop launched throughout the country a year later, and won the prestigious National Training Award in 2007. ASIST and other LivingWorks programs have continued to expand throughout Scotland, and the country’s 186 ASIST and 124 safeTALK trainers consistently achieve some of the highest annual training to national population ratios in the world.

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Founded in 2004, the Korean Association for Suicide Prevention (KASP) is a Korean non-governmental organization supported by the Korean government’s Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. KASP promotes mental health and suicide prevention through education, awareness, and support for research and policy development. KASP distributes translated versions of LivingWorks programs to a variety of demographics throughout the country, including the Korean military.

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Since becoming involved with LivingWorks in 1998, Norway has been a model of sustainability and adaptation of materials for local audiences. The ASIST program and all of its audiovisuals have been translated into Norwegian thanks to Vivat, a national education project, and are distributed by a network of 159 trainers. Vivat also works alongside the Norwegian military, the National Center for Suicide Prevention, LEVE, and the Church of Norway.

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