Our Collaborations

Working together to save lives

We are proud to collaborate with public and private organizations around the world. Learn more about these partnerships and how they help create suicide safety.

LivingWorks collaborates with public and private organizations around the world. Through these alliances, we help bring life-saving intervention skills to caregivers and workshop participants across the globe. We have trainers based in 14 countries and our trainings are used in more than 30 nations worldwide.

Some of our collaborations include:

The International Collaborative Committee (ICC), a group of nationally focused organizations that collaborate with LivingWorks to administer their own training operations and provide strategic input in building suicide safety around the world.

Our collaborators, a network of local and national organizations who work with us to provide workshops, support development, and promote awareness about the evaluations and availability of our prevention and intervention skills training programs. 

Our friends, organizations who use LivingWorks training to support suicide-safety. Many also provide services to their communities and advocate for increased understanding and action in suicide prevention.