Inactive Status for safeTALK Trainers

Answers to common questions about trainer status are available here. If you are an inactive trainer and wish to reactivate, click here.

“Active” versus “Inactive” safeTALK Trainer status - A safeTALK Trainer who has not maintained their Trainer Agreement may be deemed Inactive.

The conditions in the safeTALK Trainer Agreement outline:

  1. A new trainer, a Provisional Trainer, within the first year of the completion of the safeTALK Training for Trainers (T4T), agrees to facilitate three safeTALK sessions delivered to standard as outlined in the trainer manual and the trainer agreement. It is understood that during the three training sessions, all parts of safeTALK must be facilitated during the course of those three sessions (not necessarily all in one safeTALK session). Upon completion and online submission of the minimum three trainer report forms within the first year following the T4T, providing all trainings are facilitated to standard, credit for the three safeTALK workshops are documented and the trainer reaches Registered Trainer status. Should the three sessions not be delivered within the first year or be delivered outside of standard, the Provisional Trainer status may fall to Inactive status.

  2. Maintenance of Registered Trainer status is done by facilitating two safeTALK sessions per year.  These sessions must be facilitated within LivingWorks standards as outlined in the trainer manual (the trainer is responsible to maintain updates as are published on the website).  The trainer report forms must be submitted in order for credit to be given to the trainer.   If a trainer does not facilitate, and/or, does not report two safeTALK sessions within the year, or, are not training to standard, their Registered Trainer status shifts to Inactive status.

  3. It is a trainer’s responsibility to be in contact with the safeTALK Trainer & Reactivation Consultant,, should the trainer experience challenges meeting the trainer agreement within their Provisional Trainer status period, or in maintaining the requirements of their Registered Trainer status.  It is our hope to understand and be supportive of your situation provided we are made aware of your need for help, extension, or guidance related to your status and/or trainer obligations.  Additionally, if there is a change to the trainer’s contact information the trainer is responsible to update their changes through contact with the safeTALK Administrator, Nicole Boyce  Although being out of contact or communication alone does not make a trainer Inactive, if there is not adequate means to communicate with the trainer, the trainer will struggle to receive adequate updates or interaction that would support their knowledge to remain within standard.