Inactive Status for safeTALK Trainers

Answers to common questions about trainer status are available here. If you are an inactive trainer and wish to reactivate, click here.

“Active” versus “Inactive” safeTALK Trainer status - A safeTALK Trainer who has not maintained their Trainer Agreement may be deemed Inactive.

The conditions in the safeTALK Trainer Agreement outline:

Trainer Status: Upon successful completion of my safeTALK T4T, I understand I am a provisional trainer. I agree to conduct three trainings within the next year. To become a registered trainer I understand I must: 1) deliver a minimum of three trainings and 2) facilitate each part of the training at least once. To maintain active status as a registered trainer, I must conduct a minimum of two trainings per year and attend an ASIST workshop every four years. If I am unable to meet these commitments I will contact LivingWorks to request consideration of an extension.

If your trainer ID is not listed on the LivingWorks Trainer Directory, you may be inactive. Please check your Member and Public Permissions settings in your LivingWorks Account Details. If you are unable to access your account, please complete the reactivation form and a member of our team will be in touch.