Inactive Status for ASIST Trainers

Answers to common questions about trainer status are available here. If you are an inactive trainer and wish to reactivate, click here.

“Active” versus “Inactive” ASIST Trainer status - An ASIST Trainer who has not maintained their Trainer Agreement may be deemed Inactive.

As outlined in your trainer agreement signed at the completion of your T4T, provisional trainers are expected to facilitate all workgroup tasks (usually in 3-5 workshops) and are expected to deliver 3 workshops within the first year. Once you have completed this first requirement, you must deliver a minimum of one workshop per year to maintain active trainer status (more than one per year is highly recommended). 

Depending on the length of time since you have become inactive, you will have to develop a reactivation plan with the ASIST reactivation coordinator. All steps of the plan must be successfully completed.