Continuing Education

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are credits earned through continuing education and professional development activities. Each year, most professionals must obtain CEUs reflecting a certain number of professional development hours in order to maintain their license or certification. Because these hours are required, many professionals choose to attend only those workshops or presentations that they can use to complete this requirement. The required hours may vary depending on the profession and the state or province.

Many professionals are interested in obtaining CEU credits for their participation in LivingWorks programs, and many professional organizations have granted these in the past. For more details, see the individual sections below.

CEU information for participants
CEU information for trainers
CEU information for organizations
National CEU links

Before a professional organization will grant CEU credits for a workshop, an application must be submitted. Consult the page relevant to your needs—participant, trainer, or organization—and find out what materials you need to provide. The downloadable templates posted below will help with the application.


Participants who have completed an ASIST, safeTALK or suicide to Hope workshop in the USA are eligible to complete an online exam to obtain CEU credits. Fees for ASIST are $60 for 12 credit hours. Fees for safeTALK are $15 for 3 hours. Fees for suicide to Hope are $35 for 7 credit hours. In most states, this credit is available for social workers, nurses, psychologists, licensed counselors, substance abuse counselors, and licensed marriage & family therapists. If you have other questions, please contact

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