LivingWorks’ first online program, enabling anyone with an internet connection to develop awareness about suicide and its prevention in a safe, customizable online space.

LivingWorks esuicideTALK uses a virtual classroom environment to explore questions around suicide, its causes, and how it can be prevented through open and honest discussion.  Modeled on the face-to-face suicideTALK awareness presentation, esuicideTALK is ideal for businesses and large organizations aiming to raise awareness about suicide among their employees or members. Participants log in via a voucher system and complete the course at their own pace, typically in one to two hours. 

esuicideTALK is an excellent first step toward suicide prevention and offers a number of features:

  • Flexible online delivery allows esuicideTALK to fit everyone’s location and schedule
  • Limited-time access window allows users to finish the program in more than one sitting
  • User choice of a virtual narrator and companion to fit individual preferences and needs
  • A fictional account of a person once at risk of suicide provides context and understanding
  • End-of-chapter activities reinforce and reiterate lessons through user interaction

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esuicideTALK is ideal for all English speakers age 15 and over who want to take the first steps toward suicide awareness and prevention. By helping to dispel the fear and stigma around suicide, esuicideTALK contributes to an open and supportive community where people at risk can get the help they need to stay safe. 

Although there has been significant progress over the past few decades, the subject of suicide is still one that is often surrounded by stigma and misinformation. Just about everyone understands the devastating consequences of suicide and wants to help prevent it, but many people aren’t sure how. If even a fraction of the people in every community or workplace experienced esuicideTALK, the change in awareness and understanding about suicide would be significant. The result? More involvement in prevention activities, and a climate more conducive to help-seeking for those at risk. esuicideTALK builds the awareness that is essential to making an organization or community safer from suicide.

An internet connection, along with a current web browser, is required to run esuicideTALK. The program runs on both PC and Mac platforms and contains video footage. You will also need speakers or earphones to hear the audio material.

The cost for a single user is $20  via credit card payment. Prepaid vouchers can also be ordered from LivingWorks. Requests for prepaid vouchers can be sent to the esuicideTALK administrator.

For those not wishing to use a credit card, a voucher can be purchased.

Group rates are also available for organizations that want to make esuicideTALK available to a larger number of people at a discount, as follows:

25 licenses—$450
100 licenses—$1500
500 licenses—$6000

Organizations and companies wishing to make esuicideTALK available to all their employees can purchases unlimited access to the program for $10,000 annually. This includes a custom homepage that will display before the program runs. The organizational license rate is not intended for resale.

Financial returns from esuicideTALK and other LivingWorks programs help defray the costs of program design, development, and dissemination. You can read more about LivingWorks’ operations as a social enterprise in our company FAQ.

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